Model No. RB-500
Size 1500 long x 600 wide x 1300mm high (800L x 1000W x 1000mmH)
Capapcity per minute 1/4" (6.35mm)/800 loops, 5/16" (7.94mm)/700 loops
3/8" (9.53mm)/700 loops, 7/16" (11.11mm)/600 loops
1/2" (12.70mm)/600 loops, 9/16" (14.29mm)/500 loops
5/8" (15.88mm)/500 loops
Power 220V 1PH 60 HZ 0.75Kw 0.4Kw
Remarks Only one type of ring and pitch mould supply (Option)
Spooling machine is included in the price.
Model No. RB-520
Size 800 long x 600 wide x 1200mm high
Roll mount 610 long x 480 wide x 1275mm high
Available ring 1/4" to 1" dia.
Available pitch 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 pitch
Calendar Hanger length maximum 290mm
Paper minimum 50 (bind) x 80mm, maximum 520 (bind) x 800mm
Capacity 13sheets calendar 1600 pcs per hour or
80sheets notebok 1000 pcs per hour
Power 220V 1PH 60 HZ
Remarks 3 types of ring mould and 2 type of pitch belt supply (Option)